Ranskalais-suomalainen raideliikennesektori seminaari

Vincent Joly - 20-sept.-2013 11:07:08

Ubifrance (Ranskan suurlähetystön kaupallinen osasto) ja Liikennevirasto järjestävät keskiviikkona 2.10.2013 klo 9.30 – 15 Helsingissä (Finlandia Talo) ranskalais-suomalaiseen raideliikennesektorin tilaisuuden. Tapahtuma kerää yhteen poliittisia päättäjiä ja liike-elämän edustajia keskustelemaan sektorin tulevaisuuden haasteista.    Tapahtumaan osallistuu mm. - Alstom Transport - yksi maailman johtavia junakalustojen ja laitteisto-valmistajia. - SNCF - Ranskan valtion omistama rautatieliikenneyhtiö. - Systra - maailman johtava rautatieliikenteen ja julkisen kaupunkiliikenteen sektorin suunnittelu- ja konsultointiyritys. - Meridiam Infrastructure. Lisätietoja tapahtumasta: Vincent Joly Senior Trade Adviser vincent.joly@ubifrance.fr  

AREVA allekirjoitti aiesopimuksen 20 suomalaisen yrityksen kanssa

Vincent Joly - 24-mai-2013 07:42:21

AREVA allekirjoitti torstaina 23.05.2013 aiesopimuksen kahdenkymmenen suomalaisen yrityksen kanssa. Allekirjoitustilaisuutta kunnioitti läsnäolollaan Ranskan suurlähettiläs Eric Lebédel. Sopimus vahvistaa AREVAn sitoutumista paikallisen teollisen ja ydinenergia-alan osaamisen hyödyntämiseen projekteissaan niin Suomessa kuin ulkomailla. AREVAN yhteistyöverkostoista Euroopassa Suomi on yksi suurimmista: Yli 300 suomalaisyritystä on sertifioitunut AREVAn alihankkijaksi. “Konsernimme strategiaan kuuluu paikallisen alihankkijaverkoston rakentaminen. Suomessa verkostoa on rakennettu aktiivisesti jo Olkiluoto3 EPR™-projektin yhteydessä. Suomalaisyritykset ovat erittäin osaavia ja pystyvät vastaamaan tiukkoihin turvallisuusvaatimuksiimme,” sanoi Philippe Knoche, AREVAn operatiivinen johtaja. Olkiluoto 3 EPR-projektissa työskentelee yli 100 suomalaisyritystä, joista jopa 40:n rooli liittyy ydinvoimalan turvallisuuteen. Noin 70 prosenttia Olkiluoto 3:n urakoista voidaan hankkia paikallisilta yrityksiltä. http://www.ambafrance-fi.org/AREVA-allekirjoitti-aiesopimuksen

SITL Europe’s logistics expertise transported to Paris in March 2012

Victor Jarny - 24-févr.-2012 08:35:42

The event will host over 100 conferences and workshops run by PricewaterhouseCoopers, among others; the occupancy rate is over 95% already, with 900 exhibitors registered. The varied programme for SITL Europe 2012 has been finalised and, one month before its opening date, SITL Europe 2012 is fully booked. "The occupancy rate is 96% with 900 exhibitors, up by over 10% [year on year]. Within that figure, the number of new exhibitors has risen even faster, with an increase of 20%," says Laurent Noël, SITL Europe Manager. SITL stands for Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique (i.e. the International Week for Transport and Logistics). The trade show, taking place at the end of March in Hall 6 of the Paris Nord Villepinte centre, north of the French capital, will offer many new features and some 100 conferences, thus confirming SITL Europe’s place as a leading event in the field. Aspects of the trade fair not to be missed include The European Rail Freight event; the Eco Transport & Logistics Exhibition; the participation of the RFID University ; and, also, the Prix de l’Innovation , together with a range of exclusive surveys whose results are due to be presented at the trade fair. Two studies will be unveiled exclusively at SITL Europe. The first, presented by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) at the inaugural conference — entitled Global Supply Chain: Shippers’ New Expectations — will report on the main trends in the supply-chain sector. PwC is one of the Knowledge Partners of the 2012 trade show. Its transport and logistics experts, with the support of a new focus group, have developed the International Transport and Logistics Forum . The members of this focus group are industry federations and trade associations, together with supply-chain and logistics managers from the main players involved in industry, distribution and services. The International Transport and Logistics Forum is a new feature of SITL Europe. The forum will be run as eight conference programmes, each with at least one plenary session, a number of debates, and a range of theme-based workshops. Five of these workshops are inspired by key areas of the exhibition. Established players from the logistics/real-estate sector will organise a conference, in partnership with the Marché International des Professionnels d’Immobilier (or MIPIM , a trade show devoted to the international property market). Additionally, there will be three programmes dedicated to e-business, international supply-chain management and human resources, as well as recruitment-themed workshops in the afternoon of Friday 30 March. The second study to be unveiled at SITL Europe has been conducted by EUROGROUP CONSULTING. The unveiling of the study’s results will launch the third European Rail Freight event at SITL Europe, which will be built around the theme: Rail Freight, a Competitive Mode of Transport for the Future in Europe — Viewpoints from Shippers, Operators and Public-sector Bodies on Expectations and Developments in Rail Transport. This exclusive presentation will be followed by a two-day programme of conferences conducted by a steering committee of senior experts. EUROGROUP CONSULTING will be supported in this programme of conferences by members of Association des Utilisateurs de Transport de Fret ( AUTF , the association of freight-transport users), Réseau Ferroviaire Français ( RFF , the entity in charge of the French railway infrastructure), Association Française du Rail ( AFRA , the French association for the rail industry), International Union of Railways ( UIC ), Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français Consulting (the consulting arm of SNCF , the French national railways operator), and Executive Interim Management (EIM). As already mentioned, the number of exhibitors expected at SITL Europe 2012 is up by over 10%, as compared to 2011. This growth is across the five key areas of the exhibition, i.e. Transport and Logistics Services ; Regions and Infrastructures ; Logistics Real Estate; Handling and Warehouse Equipment ; and, finally, Information Technologies, Systems and RFID. This growth is also apparent across the theme-based pavilions focused on E-business; Waterways ; and, finally, School, Training and Recruitment. Also proving very popular are the new features for SITL Europe 2012: Scheduling-Forecasting ; Safety & Security ; and, also, the SME Club . As well as the world’s leading names in the industry, many SMEs will be showcasing their expertise in services and transport. These companies are exhibiting either on their own stands or through groups such as Astre, Evolutrans, France Benne, France Lots and Tred Union. Others are represented through regional pavilions and trade federations, for example. On 27 March, the RFID University will conclude, after a series of conferences and workshops prioritising feedback, with the presentation of the RFID Awards by ESCP-EAP, the Paris business school. In the same hall, and also accessible with the SITL pass, the second Eco Transport & Logistics Exhibition will bring together leading figures from a wide range of disciplines. These experts will come from trade organisations, along with specialists in materials and equipment for transport, ecological handling and storage, vehicle hire, sustainable building materials, logistics-building, carriers and logistics, urban distribution, carbon-assessment, and environmental management. Logistical innovation remains one of the priorities of SITL Europe 2012, as demonstrated by the 12th Prix de l’Innovation awards. Nine companies will receive awards at the ceremony, which will take place at the end of the inaugural conference,  including, for the first time, the Best Warehouse Handling and Equipment Innovation award. The other three trophies will be awarded for innovations in the Eco Transport & Logistics Exhibition . An Innovation Gallery at the heart of the exhibition will feature the entries of all the participants. About SITL SITL stands for Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique and translates as the International Week for Transport and Logistics. SITL Europe 2012 will take place in Hall 6 of the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, north of Paris (France), from 27 to 30 March 2012. For further information, please go to: http://www.sitl.eu/  

PNA shows resilience in 2011 and looks forward to 2012

Victor Jarny - 17-févr.-2012 15:25:28

Execution of a number of projects in 2012 — including Alstom and EDF’s use of PNA facilities as a construction site and hub for assembling wind turbines — is set to strengthen PNA’s place in cross-Channel trade.   Jean-Michel SÉVIN, CEO of PNA, states, "2012 looks very promising. The revitalisation of the two port locations [Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg] is taking shape. Their development outlook appears encouraging, and the ports should be able to consolidate, or even increase their economic impact." PNA has published its full results for the year 2011 and its forecast for the year 2012. Passenger-traffic numbers are encouraging PNA ports experienced a slight increase in passenger traffic in 2011 as a result of sustained traffic flow between France and Ireland; a significant recovery in traffic between Cherbourg and England, especially during the summer season; and, finally, a very good year for cruise activity. Cruise activity was particularly high in 2011. This was true, specifically, of Cherbourg, which recorded 40 calls by cruise liners and a 50.85% increase in the number of passengers. At close to 100,000, a record-high number of cruise passengers (95,840) passed through the port of Cherbourg.  Moreover, cross-Channel activity between Ireland as well as England and the port of Cherbourg was up by 7.60%. This compensated for the drop in traffic between Caen and the South of England, with a decrease in the use of the Caen-Ouistreham-to-Portsmouth line, which stemmed from a combination of stagnant demand and high-capacity supply in the English Channel and in the North Sea.  After the Dover Strait, however, Caen-Ouistreham remains by far the most important cross-Channel line, with nearly one million passengers passing through the ferry port annually.  Goods traffic shows resilience against a difficult background  Goods traffic, for its part, decreased by 4.80% in 2011 (year on year), which was mainly due to a difficult business environment in terms of cross-Channel relations with the UK.  In 2011, PNA experienced a drop of close to 6.15% in cross-Channel trade volumes: undoubtedly, it has been a difficult period for cross-Channel activity due to the continued weakness of the pound sterling against the euro, made worse by vigorous competition among operators. This fierce competition is reflected in over-supply and particularly low prices, while the recession continues to affect much of Europe. Within this difficult context, PNA ports — and, in particular, Caen-Ouistreham — have successfully maintained their overall position, with changes in activity closely mirroring those of the entire cross-Channel region.  In 2012, an extension of the cross-Channel terminal at Ouistreham will be completed: this will optimise the port’s logistical organisation and, as a result, make it more attractive to operators. Regarding conventional goods, traffic at PNA ports actually rose by 2.35% in 2011, with variations between individual ports and the types of traffic flows. In Caen, an overall decrease in volume of 11.50% can be traced to lower cereals exports, down by approximately 150,000 tonnes (as compared to 2010, which had been an exceptional year). Some types of ’miscellaneous’ traffic, such as molasses (47,560 tonnes of which were trans-shipped via PNA ports in 2011), have become sustainable and can be considered mainstays of the port’s activity.  In Cherbourg, traffic has more than doubled thanks to the bulk terminal, where over 140,000 tonnes of salt and coal transited in 2011, in total. Looking forward to 2012 A range of factors point towards a positive trend characterizing levels of activity at PNA ports in the year 2012. Firstly, the all-time records achieved in 2011 by Cherbourg for bulk-, cruise- and Ireland-related activities and traffic highlight the relevance of Cherbourg’s position within these niches. Second, the stabilised cross-Channel market should also enable all the operators, and the cross-Channel lines that are in place, to regain healthier operating conditions. Third, PNA, together with its six partners, is opening up new capacity that should benefit the port of Caen, thanks to the Caen-to-Le Havre inter-port container shuttle project. Finally, the result of the call to tender for the offshore-energy project expected for the spring of 2012 will be a decisive factor for PNA ports. International engineering group Alstom has chosen Cherbourg as its key site for implementing its industrial development programme for offshore wind power, provided that the consortium wins 50% of the call to tender. In all, 500 jobs are at stake, as far as the port is concerned. Confirming further the potential of the port in the field of renewable marine-based energy, energy group EDF has also chosen Cherbourg as its construction hub for assembling wind turbines ahead of their offshore installation. Additionally, Caen-Ouistreham will provide residential and maintenance facilities for the Courseulles-sur-Mer site. PNA is set to pursue its development policy by furthering co-operation opportunities with the ports in the river Seine area and with those located in the South of both Ireland and England. PNA also intends to continue with its ambitious investment programme, which includes a €40m investment in the launch of works for the extension and development of Cherbourg’s 380-metre-long Quai des Flamands . The completion of the modernisation of PNA’s port works will cost €1.7m. PNA will also invest €500,000 in the opening of new access points to the Mielles platform at Cherbourg. PNA ports represent about 4,000 jobs — of which about 2,000 are direct jobs, 1,800 are indirect jobs, and 200 are jobs that will be generated — and about €180m of added value across the region of Basse-Normandie . About PNA The ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg are owned and run by Ports Normands Associés, known in English as the Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA). PNA’s head office is in Caen. The historic region of Normandy is currently made up of two separate regions: Lower Normandy ( Basse-Normandie , in French) and Upper Normandy ( Haute-Normandie ). The ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg are located on the north-west coast of France and face southern England, on the other side of the English Channel. They belong to the western, maritime part of Basse-Normandie . For further information, please go to: www.pna-ports.fr  

ROLLIX develops pitch and yaw bearings for Alstom Haliade 150-6MW offshore turbine

Sandrine Latil - 12-déc.-2011 16:01:16

  ROLLIX’s specialised engineers, working near Nantes (in western France), collaborated closely with the Alstom team to design the slewing ring bearings that will be used for the new offshore-wind turbine. The slewing bearings, which control blade rotation (pitching) and nacelle rotation (yawing), have gone through a highly specific development process. The components that ROLLIX has engineered were optimised so that they could take up as little space as possible, and yet withstand the loads of the new offshore-wind turbine that features the world’s longest blades, which are 73.5-metres long each. The pitch and yaw bearings, which feature impressively sized rings of almost 4 metres in diameter, were then assembled on the wind turbine itself in Saint-Nazaire, the large Atlantic port located close to the ROLLIX plant (in the Pays de la Loire region of western France). The ROLLIX slewing ring bearings are perfect for use in the offshore-wind-energy industry, since they are made of strong and precise components that can withstand the high speeds, high loads and salty environment involved in this segment of the energy sector. ROLLIX boasts a number of achievements worldwide and is a supplier to major international wind-turbine manufacturers. Bearings made by the specialist French company are found on more than 37,000 wind turbines internationally, representing 52GW in established power, including 1.5GW of offshore energy. From 5kW to over 10MW, ROLLIX supplies all the manufacturers in the wind-turbine field. ROLLIX designs specific bearings that are suited to a wind turbine’s lifespan. The company’s special sealing system makes for completely tight bearings. It can also provide integrated bearings with an automatic-lubrication system. ROLLIX’s finish by grinding is a state-of-the-art technology, used for the double-row slewing rings. About ROLLIX ROLLIX, part of the Defontaine Group, has been designing and manufacturing special bearings and slewing rings that range from 150mm to 7000mm in diameter, with and without gears, since 1974. The company is one of the key players and a pioneer in France’s wind-turbine sector, within the framework of offshore-development projects.  


Teolliset klusterit ja osaamiskeskukset

Vincent Joly - 12-déc.-2011 15:51:04

  Mikä osaamiskeskus on? Osaamiskeskus yhdistää tietyllä alueella sijaitsevat yritykset, julkiset tai yksityiset tutkimuslaitokset sekä korkeakoulut, jotka ovat sitoutuneet yhteistyöhön innovatiivisissa tutkimushankkeissa synergian aikaansaamiseksi. Kilpailukykyalueet ovat Ranskan hallituksen teollisuuspoliittisen uudistuksen merkittävimpiä instrumentteja. 14. syyskuuta 2004 kokoontuneen aluekehitystä ja -suunnittelua pohtivan ministeriöiden välisen komitean (CIADT) tavoitteena oli näiden kilpailukykyalueiden perustaminen. Hakuprosessi osaamis-keskusten toimintaan saatiin alulle joulukuun 2004 alussa. Osaamiskeskusten tuli täyttää neljä vaatimusta: uuden varallisuuden ja lisäarvon sekä laadukkaiden työpaikkojen luominen maailmanlaajuisille potentiaalisille kasvumarkkinoille sijoittuminen vahvojen kumppanuussuhteiden luominen eri toimijoiden kesken tehokkaan talouskehityksen ja innovaatiotutkimuksen tavoitteiden ja keinojen määritteleminen. Keskukset noudattavat hallintotapaa, jonka sisällöstä toimijat voivat itse päättää. Uusia toimijoita voidaan esimerkiksi ottaa mukaan osaamiskeskuksiin jäsenten keskinäisellä sopimuksella. Valitseminen ei edellytä hallinnollista päätöstä, vaikka etenkin tukijärjestelmien kautta keskuksissa on mukana myös julkisen sektorin tahoja. Yritysten, tutkimuslaitosten ja korkeakoulujen verkostoituminen on kansallisten innovaatioiden yhteisen potentiaalin hyödyntämisen ehdoton edellytys. Osaamiskeskukset harjoittavat tiivistä yhteistyötä edistääkseen verkostoitumista. Osaamiskeskusjärjestelmän avulla Ranskan kohdentaa eri viranomaisten tukitoimet tärkeimmille aloille. Myös paikallishallinnon tehtäviin kuuluu tukea tätä strategiaa.      67 osaamiskeskusta   Kuusi osaamiskeskusta toimii jo kansainvälisellä huipputasolla: Aéronautique, espace, systèmes: lentokoneteollisuus, avaruustutkimuksen satelliitit ja luotaimet, Midi-Pyrénées, Aquitaine Lyonbiopole: virologia, Rhône-Alpes MediTech Santé: terveys, Île-de-France Minalogic: mikro- ja nanoteknologia, Rhône-Alpes Solutions communicantes sécurisées: mikrosirut ja tiedonsiirron turvajärjestelmät, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur System@tic Paris Région: monimutkaiset ohjelmistot ja järjestelmät, Île-de-France   Yhdeksän osaamiskeskusta tähtää kansainväliselle huipulle: Chimie-environnement Lyon: kemia, Rhône-Alpes Image, multimédia et vie numérique: multimedia, Île-de-France Images et réseaux: elektroniikka ja tietoliikenne, Bretagne Industries et agro-ressources: maataloustuotteiden käyttö muuhun kuin elintarviketeollisuuden tarpeisiin, Champagne-Ardennes, Picardie Innovations thérapeutiques: molekyylit, ei-invasiivinen kirurgia, Alsace Mer: meri, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Pôle i-Trans: rautatierakentaminen, Nord-Pas-de-Calais Mer: meri, Bretagne Végétal spécialisé: siementen kehittely; Pays de la Loire   52 osaamiskeskusta toimii kansallisella tasolla. Ranskan talous-, valtiovarain- ja teollisuusministeriön teollisuusyritystoiminnan virasto (Direction générale des entreprises) seuraa 32 keskuksen kehitystä. Kuusi kansainvälisen huipun saavuttanutta osaamiskeskusta täyttävät tarkasti niille asetetut kriteerit. Muiden keskuksien kansainvälinen näkyvyys ei ainakaan vielä ole samalla tasolla. Joissakin osaamiskeskuksissa on keskeisiä innovaatioiden tekijöitä. Myös vähemmän yhteistyötä tutkimus- ja tuotekehittelyprojekteissa tehneet yritykset ovat pystyneet toteuttamaan merkittäviä yhteisiä tutkimushankkeita. Paikallisistakin toimijoista monet ovat vahvasti mukana vetämässä tutkimushankkeita. Kansainvälisen tason toimijoiden tunnettavuus niiden lähiympäristössä on saattanut olla vähäistä, vaikka yhteistyön tulokset olisivat voineet olla hedelmällisiä. Teollisuuden, tutkimuksen ja koulutuksen aloilla on otettu paremmin huomioon yritysten välisestä yhteistyöstä mahdollisesti koituva synergiahyöty. Nämä osaamiskeskukset panostavat tutkimukseen ja kehitykseen ja vahvistavat näin ranskalaista teollisuutta. Niiden rooli on merkittävä Ranskan teollisuudenokuttelevuuden parantamisessa.  

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